About Us

Hi I am Chris owner and operator of Cannabis Caveman Gardens. I began growing back when I was a teenager and growing marijuana in my bedroom's suspended ceiling of my mother's house when I was in high school. That didn't last too long though and after some experimental grows in college fast forward to 2015 and after some background Botany classes at UMO and a knack for indoor bonsai gardening I entered into the medical marijuana market. Reunited with my half brother Alex after a decade of separation the two of us wanted to continue growing using our dad's secret hydro system.

Now today we still have the original system in use, but also use another system as well as growing in a coco media-based system. Fueled by a passion in growing and a pursuit for excellence we strive to provide Maine with a top tier product that can rival any other state's best. We have a small batch approach with a commitment to detail and cleanliness. At the heart of our deciding factors on what strains we consistently grow is first and foremost terpenes and trichomes. Simply put an amazing smell that delights your taste buds and bag appeal that will immediately draw your eyes to the product. We take the slow approach of curing our end product to make sure no terpenes are lost and it is completely ready before it hits the jars on local shelves. One taste and you realize how special and unique the product is compared to other growers.

We love doing what we do and are always striving to better ourselves as well as our product and are sure our loyal and new clients alike can see the difference, smell the difference, and taste the difference!