Check Out Our Extensive Cannabis Offerings

Check Out Our Extensive Cannabis Offerings

Find the perfect strain for your needs at the Cannabis Caveman

At the Cannabis Caveman, we are proud to offer our customers a selection of medical cannabis products in a variety of strains. From indica strains to sativa-dominant hybrids, we’ve got the best bud around. Discuss your symptoms with one of our cannabis caregivers. They’ll point you toward the strain that will best work to treat your symptoms and help you find some relief.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Cannabis Caveman to see what’s in store for you today.

Peruse our medicinal menu at your leisure!

The Cannabis Caveman provides the highest quality medical cannabis to our loyal customers. We have 12 different strains on our menu, including:

  • King Louis Cookies
  • Girl Scout Nookie
  • Sugarberry Scones
  • Chem #4
  • Animal Cookies
  • Trap Star
  • Cookies and Cream, and more

You’ll be able to select a hybrid that is perfectly suited to treating your unique needs. Check out our menu, below, or contact the Cannabis Caveman with any questions.

Strains coming soon

Our menu is budding with new possibilities

• Strawberry Queen
• Lemon Banana Sherbert
• Trap Star
• Black Fire
• High Voltage (17 to 1 CBD/THC)
• Sunset Kush

Our Menu

<b>Trap Star</b>

Trap Star

Genetics: LA Og Kush(Female) crossed with The Cube(Male) by Exotic Genetics. 80/20 Indica/Sativa. An Indica dominant strain. Terpene Profile is a Cherry Kushy Fuel. Relives pain, nausea, muscle aches, great for night time use.

<b>King Louis Cookies</b>

King Louis Cookies

Genetics: Cross between King Louis 13th and Girl Scout Cookies, with a well rounded cerebral feeling. Very uplifting, great for daytime use and relieving pain, nausea migraines.

<b>Girl Scout Nookie</b>

Girl Scout Nookie

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookie by Tahoe OG. By Farmhouse Genetics. Their version of the Thin Mint Pheno. Amazing taste and a great hybrid relieving many daytime symptoms.

<b>Chem #4 by Pure Kush</b>

Chem #4 by Pure Kush

Genetics: In the name ;-) High THC producer with a chemical taste mixed with coffee and chocolate undertones. Has tested out as high as 28% THC.

<b>Strawberry Queen.</b>

Strawberry Queen.

Genetics: Killer Queen( G-13 by C99) by Lung Candy(Strawberry Cough bx1) bred by Mota Rebel. A Sativa dominant strain 80/20 Sativa/Indica. Good for pain, nausea, migraines for daytime use.

<b>Sugarberry Scones</b>

Sugarberry Scones

Genetics: Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies. Indica dominant pheno with grape candy terpene profiles. Great for Night time use and pain relief.

<b>Cookies & Cream</b>

Cookies & Cream

Genetics: Starfighter F2 crossed by an undisclosed Girl Scout Cookies Pheno. Bred by Exotic Genetics, this is a frosty trich producing monster. High THC around 26%. Name says it all, smells of vanilla ice with very berry undertones. 50/50 Sativa/Indica although this pheno leans on the Indica side.

<b>OGKB by Dosidos</b>

OGKB by Dosidos

Genetics: Og Kush Breath by Faceoff by Dosidos. OGKB V2.1 This hybrid bred by Inhouse Geneticsis a 75/25 split Indica/Sativa.

<b>Animal Cookies</b>

Animal Cookies


<b>Black Mamba</b>

Black Mamba

Genetics: Mint Chocolate Chip by The Cube bred by Exotic genetics. A unique terpene profile and bouquet. 50/50 Hydrid.